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the xiaomi black shark gaming smartphone debuted last month, and quickly entered its first flash sale, which saw over a million registrations. however, there have been no stock available since, which raised a few questions about the fate of the phone. as it turns out the phone is still alive and well and just got a date for its next sale - june 1, friday. black shark technology's ceo wu shimin, shared that that phone was facing production issues, and only now were they able to resolve them. as a quick refresher on pricing, the 6gb/64gb variant of the snapdragon 845-powered phone... past tense is our latest series of articles in which gsmarena veterans take you on a nostalgia-infused ride through the years. experience first hand how the industry evolved and how it shaped us, one phone at a time. how this tech journa started his way hello! my name is ivan and i'm 30 years old. i've worked at gsmarena since the beginning of 2011 and i breathe tech. in this article i'll take you on a quick trip through the phones i've owned and tell you about the ones that left their mark on me. i've owned many phones but i'll skip the early years and go straight to... the android os is so diverse and stretches to so many devices manufactured by different oems that at some point, it becomes almost impossible for developers to keep track of all the bugs that may occur when installed on different handsets. the latest drastic and somehow controversial decision from videolan's developers' team lead to black ing huawei phones and not allowing them to find the app on google play. this is due to a growing number of huawei users complaining about specific features not working on their devices and giving the app low ratings. more specifically, background... هیجان انگیزترین گوشی های جدید برای نیمه نخست سال 2018 در این مقاله به معرفی هیجان انگیزترین گوشی های جدید برای نیمه نخست سال 2018 می پردازیم. این گوشی ها از برندهای معروفی همچون سامسونگ، سونی، ال جی، هواوی و غیره خواهند بود. تعداد بسیار زیادی گوشی هوشمند در نیمه نخست امسال به عرضه درخواهد آمد که همگی چه از نظر یک محصول کامل و چه از ... نوشته هیجان انگیزترین گوشی های جدید نیمه نخست سال 2018 ؛ گل ی اس 9، ال جی جی 7 و غیره اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. along with the honor play huawei unveiled gpu turbo - a boost mode for the mali cores that increases performance by 60% while reducing power use by 30%. the mode is also present on the honor 9i, but the good news is that it will be coming to a number of other huawei phones ranging from flagship to affordable. the mode will be enabled via a software update, no additional hardware is required. which raises questions about how this was achieved and why it wasn't available from the get go. it's mostly phones from late 2017 onward, but even the mate 9 will get it (a 2016 phone). anyway,... samsung has an ongoing #withgalaxy promo paign that hands out various rewards to fans who participate in weekly p o challenges. the reward this week is an all expenses paid trip to the global unveiling of the next galaxy. the info doesn't name the galaxy note9 explicitly, but lower-end phones rarely get such lavish launches with extended promo paigns. here's a promo video that explains how to participate: the promo ends this week, while the unboxed event is taking place on august 9. obviously, samsung needs time to pick the winner (and feature them in ads and in... رفتیم سینما x-men day of future past انصافا قشنگ ساختن از تکنولوژی و هن یشه و برداری و جلوه های ویژه که بگذریم ، میبینیم پشت سر همه اینا چه نامه ای هست. فکر کن یه مجموعه 6-7 قسمتی به اون عظمت با درآمد عالی بسازی، بعد تک تک شخصیتهاتو توی قسمتهای مختلف برای هیجان انگیزتر به کشتن بدی، بعد توی آ ین قسمت یه نفر رو بفرستی گذشته رو تغییر بده و از قسمت هشتم همه شخثیتها رو دوباره تغییر بدی خ اینا حقشون نیست پول در آرن؟ hmd's nokia phones have a limited presence in the us - a few mid-range to entry-level phones - but linkedin postings reveal that the company wants to hire a new team to help it grow. it needs an e-commerce lead to deal with hmd's online distribution partners like amazon and best buy. it needs a product lead, too, to talk to carriers and decide on a roadmap, anticipating trends in the market. and it needs a technical account manager to handle customer requirements (both consumers and operators). hmd's job postings on linkedin the us market can be a tough nut to crack for phone... along with the honor play huawei unveiled gpu turbo - a boost mode for the mali cores that increases performance by 60% while reducing power use by 30%. the mode is also present on the honor 9i, but the good news is that it will be coming to a number of other huawei phones ranging from flagship to affordable. the mode will be enabled via a hardware update, no additional hardware is required. which raises questions about how this was achieved and why it wasn't available from the get go. it's mostly phones from late 2017 onward, but even the mate 9 will get it (a 2016 phone). anyway,... موبایل منعطف سامسونگ موبایل منعطف سامسونگ احتمالا نوامبر امسال معرفی خواهد شد. کره ای ها ممکن است از عبارت “the future unfolds” به عنوان شعار بازاری این محصول استفاده کنند. آیا نام “samsung galaxy x” که سال 2017 به ثبت رسید، می تواند اسم موبایل انعطاف پذیر سامسونگ باشد؟ این سوالی ست که از سال گذشته و زمانی که مدیران نام galaxy ... نوشته احتمال معرفی موبایل منعطف سامسونگ در رویداد نوامبر قوت گرفت اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. today, samsung released a timeline offering a view of the past 18 years and the progress that it has made with its era phones. check the infog hic at the very bottom of this post. the south korean phone maker's first era phone was released back in the year 2000 (sch-v200) and allowed you to store up to 20 p os and you needed a computer to actually see the 0.11 mp p os. a couple of years later, samsung released a flip phone with a era that was embedded right into the screen's hinge (sch-x590). this allowed the era to be rotated freely between the front and the back,... xiaomi had a record-breaking "singles day" sale on november 11 and is now preparing for the black friday weekend this week. the spanish division of the manufacturer is launching a raffle throughout the whole weekend and will give away 50 phones for €1 each and over €10,000 in vouchers for xiaomi phones. on november 24 10 people will get the chance to buy the xiaomi mi 6 for €1. the next day 20 redmi note 4 units will go for the same price, while on november 26 20 redmi 4a phones will follow. in order to compete for the raffle, you have to play a simple game with a hammer and...

- the empty week

it's about a week that i'm out of my own control. events just happen and i don't care about them. i have lost my hope for future, maybe in the most important time of my life that will shape my future life. many plans have been made and we are swimming in them without knowing how to swim in the right way! they need so much time and effort and i am under pressure from my family plus the shock and sadness of what happened a week ago.

- it's time to take off the box! :(

sometimes you'd like to do something but it's not the right time. you have to prepare yourself and be sure about the consequences of your work. it is the hard part of the job, think about everything, make decisions, fix problems or make plans on fixing them in the future, work hard on them, ... .
seems tough, but they are not as hard as thinking about your goal all the time and when the time comes either you ruin everything or everything ruins you!

anyway, i have to move on. the time is p ing and i am losing it. my life isn't just mine and i have responsibilities ...
the mobile device repair analyst company blannco has just published its report on the refurbished smartphone market. according to the company, samsung phones are the ones that come in for repairs most often, but that's hardly a surprise, given how the korean company has by far the largest market share among all android makers. the second place for xiaomi is a bit more surprising with 14.2% - suggesting that the mi and redmi phones fail more often on average. top 10 android devices by failure rate apple devices are in a separate category and the data there shows that the iphone 6... do recent smartphones feel more expensive? it's more than just your gut feeling, data by gfk shows a record rise in the average selling price (asp) of phones for the third quarter of this year - it's up by 7% compared to the same period last year. global demand rose moderately (up 3% yoy) to a total of 367 million units - the highest number for this period of the year. this growth was driven by latin america (+11%) and central and eastern europe (+9%) as traditionally strong markets are seeing a decline. western europe was the destination for 30.9 million phones, down 7% compared to... hmd has confirmed that the era app on nokia phones will receive an update. the confirmation e from the company's chief product officer juho sarvikas. yep!— juho sarvikas (@sarvikas) october 30, 2017 not only that, he also dropped hints that the update may also bring along some features from the lumia era ui, which is considered as one of the best era uis by many. i agree with your esment 😎— juho sarvikas (@sarvikas) october 30, 2017 it's worth mentioning that the ui was originally developed by 'old' nokia for windows phones after microsoft... google has added a new feature to its allo mobile messaging app that brings along the ability to create polls. the information e in the form of a tweet from amit fulay, who is head of product (allo and duo) at google. trying out our new polling feature in allo, let's go gonzaga #googleallo pic.twitter.com/m5e3qw14sr— amit fulay (@amitfulay) april 3, 2017 currently, however, you can only create polls for yes/no questions, meaning no custom answers at the moment. to use the feature, start with typing @yesno, followed by your question, and the poll will be created. source via energizer is back with a pair of long-lasting android oreo phones. these are highly affordable but pack some a nced features, however the headlining feature is the 4,000mah battery. both phones have similar hardware, so we'll start with the higher end model and focus on the differences later. the energizer power max p490s and its sibling are compact phones thanks to their 4.95" screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. the resolution is pretty basic, 480 x 960px. they measure only 65.8mm wide and have grippy coating on the inside, making them easy to handle. and they come bundled with a... a new smartphone - dubbed ‘blackshark' - has been spotted in a benchmark ing. while the maker isn't revealed, the codename suggests a connection to xiaomi as the chine company owns backed black shark technology incorporated. some of the key specs the antutu ing uncovers include snapdragon 845 soc, 2160 x 1080 pixel display, and 8gb ram. the ing also reveals some other specs like android 8.0 oreo, and 32gb storage. there have already been rumors that xiaomi is working on a gaming phone and the 'blackshark' could well be it, coming to take away the best gaming phone crown... apple might introduce simpler branding for its phones according to an analyst from guggenheim. in an investor note, robert cihra from the analyst company says apple will use the upcoming cycle to change the iphone naming pattern. this would happen only to the successors of the iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus - the flagship would keep its x suffix to denote its standing. will the iphone follow the ipad? making a change in naming is not something new at cupertino. apple has been playing with the new ipad and numbers for its tablets, which in the long run has delivered more confusion... aptly named "the wall", samsung's 146" tv is a marvel. it's the world's first modular microled tv and while it's huge, it's really the technology behind it that has us more excited. you may have heard of microled as a potential future replacement of oled (on phones and elsewhere). it is similar in that each pixel is its own light so it offers perfect black levels (and doesn't need a backlight like lcd, no color filters either). on top of that it will offer superior brightness, power efficiency and (more importantly) longer life than current oled displays. samsung used micrometer-scale... mid-last month, honor india stated that the honor 8 would not be getting android oreo/ emui 8.0 due to software and hardware limitations. social media reps are sometimes misinformed, and that proved to be true when this piece of news was immediately contradicted not two weeks later when honor confirmed that 9 of its phones would be updated to oreo - honor 8 included. just yesterday, honor france tweeted that two honor phones will begin the ota update process today, february 7: the honor 9 and honor 8 pro. tout d'abord, les mises à jour pour le p age à emui 8 ! 😊 honor 9 : 7... موبایل های بدون حاشیه استفاده از نمایشگر بی حاشیه ، نسل جدیدی از گوشی های هوشمند را به ارمغان آورده است. در این مطلب بهترین موبایل های بدون حاشیه بازار در شهریور 96 را به شما معرفی خواهیم کرد. پیش از هر چیز بد نیست اشاره کنیم که عبارت «بدون حاشیه» شاید از نظر فنی صحیح نباشد. در واقع تمام گوشی ... نوشته نمایشگر بی حاشیه و نسل جدید گوشی ها؛ بهترین موبایل های بدون حاشیه بازار در شهریور 96 اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. دریافت نسخه تابلو اعلانات دریافت "خط حزب الله" نسخه مطالعه (a4) دریافت نسخه چاپ (a3) خط حزب الله با گزارشی درباره راه شناخت صحیح مردم با عنوان "مردم ایران اینگونه اند" بر روی سایت khamenei.ir قرار گرفت.
چهاردهمین شماره هفته نامه خبری- تبیینی خط حزب الله همچنین در یادداشتی به تبیین "جنگ دشمن ساخته" در جهان بر اساس بیانات معظم انقلاب پرداخت.
در این شماره خبر اختصاصی از جدیدترین اظهار نظر معظم انقلاب درباره سینمایی محمد(ص) در دیدار با مجید مجیدی کارگردان این و همچنین ع اختصاصی از دیدار انقلاب از منزل خانواده شهید ارمنی منتشر شده است.
خط حزب الله، شماره چهاردهم خود را به روح پرفتوح سرلشگر شهید منصور ستاری تقدیم می کند.
در این شماره همچنین مطالبی از انقلاب درباره یوم الله ۹ دی و همچنین راه شناخت خودی از غیرخودی آمده است. نسخه ی pdf نشریه در دو نسخه ی a4 جهت مطالعه و a3 جهت چاپ برای چاپ و تکثیر بر روی سایت khamenei.ir قرار گرفته است و عموم امت حزب الله می توانند آن را چاپ و در محافل انقل ، های ، هیئت های مذهبی و پایگاه های بسیج توزیع کنند. همچنین برای دسترسی به آرشیو نشریه می توانید به اینجا مراجعه کنید. a recent report claimed that apple was intentionally slowing down iphone models well into their life cycles based on historical benchmark numbers. this was a common rumor about iphones that supposedly got customers feeling like their phones were acting slow and could use an upgrade. on december 20, apple openly admitted that it did this to compen e for degrading batteries and that it was a "feature" found in iphones since the iphone 6. now, apple is facing two cl -action lawsuits alleging that the company was intentionally and deceptively slowing down its phones so that users would buy... 0th3rside dec 31 2016 554 mbfuture loops is proud to announce their latest selection of royalty free samples, critical breaks. this is a sleek and fierce release that features 10 construction kits ready to mix, mash, cut, edit and blend into your own productions!

[ادامه مطلب را در اینجا بخوانید ...] نظر به اهمیت دیدار انقلاب با اعضای شورای هماهنگی تبلیغات ی، بخش های مهم آن نیز با عنوان «ملاک حال فعلی افراد است»، گزینش و منتشر شده است. نسخه ی pdf نشریه در سه نسخه ی تابلوی اعلانات، a4 جهت مطالعه و a3 برای چاپ و تکثیر روی وجی پایگاه khamenei.ir قرار گرفته و عموم امت حزب الله می توانند آن را چاپ و در محافل انقل ، های ، هیئت های مذهبی و پایگاه های بسیج توزیع کنند. برای دسترسی به آرشیو نشریه می توانید به اینجا مراجعه کنید.
نسخه تابلو اعلانات دریافت "خط حزب الله" نسخه مطالعه (a4) دریافت نسخه چاپ (a3) sony unveiled three android phones at ces: the xperia xa2, xperia xa2 ultra and xperia l2. we spent some time with them and posted our hands-on impressions but sony has now published an official hands-on video. the video covers the highlight features of each phone, though the tone is a bit... overly upbeat. it really doesn't spare any compliments for the two mid-rangers and the entry level handset. the responses in the comments are pretty positive so it seems that sony fans agree with the compliment-rich video. we were fairly excited by these three phones too, they offer nice... when hmd global bought the nokia smartphone business from microsoft, everyone was hopeful for a bright future in front of the brand. in addition to the brand, hmd also bought out the factories that used to make feature phones. but as we see from a russian source, they still haven't renamed them and nokia 150 still is technically manufactured by microsoft mobile llc. from the images we see that the devices were ready back in late december. according to the certificate that goes along with the package, the factory that manufactured nokia 150 is microsoft mobile (vietnam) llc with local... انقلاب:«همه ی امتحان هائی که ما می شویم، در واقع نقطه ی اصلی اش همین است؛ پای یک ایثار و یک گذشت به میان می آید... یک محنتی را، یک شدتی را جلوی پای یک انسانی یا یک ملتی می گذارند؛ عبور از این محنت، امتحان است. اگر توانست عبور کند، به آن منزل مقصود می رسد...» ۸۹/۸/۲۶ شصت و هفتمین شماره ی هفته نامه ی خبری-تبیینی خط حزب الله با سخن هفته ای از شهامت آتش نشانانی که در حادثه ساختمان پلاسکو فداکاری د؛ با عنوان «مردان آب و آتش» منتشر شد.
گزارش هفته ی این شماره با عنوان «حجّت بر شما تمام است» به وظایف سنگین «جوانان مومن انقل » در میدان جنگ نرم؛ پرداخته است. ع ویژه ی این هفته ی نشریه، تصویری از سخنرانی حضرت آیت الله در تحصن جمعی از ون انقل در اعتراض به بسته شدن فرودگاه ها در هشتم بهمن ۵۷ است.
شصت و هفتمین شماره ی هفته نامه ی خط حزب الله به روح پرفتوح شهید بهنام میرزاخانی و همه آتش نشانان فداکار تقدیمشده است.
نسخه ی pdf نشریه در سه نسخه ی تابلوی اعلانات، a۴ جهت مطالعه و a۳ برای چاپ و تکثیر بر روی پایگاهkhamenei.ir قرار گرفته است و عموم امت حزب الله می توانند آن را چاپ و در محافل انقل ، های ، هیئت های مذهبی و پایگاه های بسیج توزیع کنند. برای دسترسی به آرشیو نشریه هم می توانید به اینجا مراجعه کنید.
نسخه تابلو اعلانات دریافت "خط حزب الله" نسخه ی مطالعه (a۴) دریافت نسخه ی چاپ (a۳) google introduced android pie at the beginning of august and with september already here, the monthly security update has just arrived. unsurprisingly, the first phones receiving it are the pixel devices, along with the oreo-running nexus 5x and nexus 6p. the september 2018 android security update is ota and brings minor patches and fixes to bugs. the full of phones getting the patches is lg nexus 5x and huawei nexus 6p from 2015, the pixel and pixel xl, as well as the pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl. the tablet pixel c also joins them. it is worth mentioning the non-pixel smartphones... update: it turns out that the prime exclusive phones will all incur a $20 price hike following this move, as revealed by liliputing talking to an amazon spokesperson. so the change isn't really downside-free for consumers. the original story follows below. starting tomorrow, amazon prime exclusive android smartphones will not have lock screen ads and offers anymore. the retailer states that the change is intended to make the user experience better, by letting owners use the increasingly more prevalent fingerprint readers and unlocking features that byp the lock screen. additionally,... the asphalt series will be familiar to anyone who has played mobile games. started out back in 2004, the original game was launched on the nokia n-gage platform, the og smartphone gaming platform that people often forget about these days while talking about gaming smartphones. the original game was an absolute blast. with stunning 3d visuals (for the time), an eclectic collection of licensed tracks and fun handling meant i sunk an ungodly number of hours playing it on my n-gage qd. the later games took the series further in terms of visual quality and having even more, newer... if you own a nokia 8 and would like to get early access to the new android 8.0 oreo (currently in bet), nokia has just the thing for you. announcing nokia phones beta labs! be the first to test #androidoreo on #nokia8 (physical oreos not included!) https://t.co/91uhqstnnm pic.twitter.com/gninrk31b0— juho sarvikas (@sarvikas) october 25, 2017 introducing nokia phones beta labs, where you can sign in to test drive android 8.0 oreo for the nokia 8 before it's ready for a firmware roll out. joining the nokia labs beta is completely free although as with everything beta-related you can... xiaomi's take on gaming smartphones comes in the form of the so-called black shark to tackle razer's phone. but having powerful hardware isn't everything in the gaming world. rgb and looks matter a lot to gamers and asus knows that. xiaomi black shark in royal blue so xiaomi is upping its game with a gorgeous royal blue version of the phone. it will go on sale tomorrow in china at 10am, which coincides with the mi 8 se sale. it will be available only with 8gb of ram and 128gb of storage for cny 3,499 ($547), which is cny 500 ($78) more than the standard 6gb/64gb version. we... archos has announced two new budget android phones ahead of mwc. the first of the two is the archos 55 g hite, which has a 5.5-inch 1080p ips display with 2.5d curved gl , mediatek mt6737 processor, 2gb ram, 16gb expandable storage, 13 megapixel main rear era with a 2 megapixel secondary era for depth of field effect, 5 megapixel front era, dual sim support, 3000mah battery, and stock android 7.0 nougat. the archos 50 g hite has a 5.0-inch ips display with 2.5d curved gl , 1gb ram, and 16gb expandable storage. priced start at €130 and the phones will be... گوشی های هواوی و zte چندین آژانس امنیتی مختلف در از جمله cia و fbi، در رابطه با ید گوشی های هواوی و zte و همین طور استفاده شهروندان از محصولات چینی، هشدار دادند! هواوی تلاش کرد تا از طریق مشارکت با اپراتورهای یی وارد بازار این کشور شود، اما ت با فشار آوردن به at&t و ورایزن مانع انجام ... نوشته آژانس های امنیتی نسبت به ید گوشی های هواوی و zte هشدار دادند! اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. پتنت گوشی منحنی اپل پتنت گوشی منحنی اپل نشان می دهد شکل ظاهری گوشی های آیفون در آینده نزدیک چگونه خواهد بود. گوشی خمیده اپل دارای طراحی خاصی است، به طوری که از دو رابط کاربری تشکیل شده و بر روی آن هیچگونه دکمه فیزیکی وجود ندارد. در سال 2015 تصاویری از یک پتنت به ثبت رسیده توسط اپل رویت ... نوشته تصاویر پتنت گوشی منحنی اپل منتشر شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. سرفیس فون پانوس پانای (panos panay) در مصاحبه ای جدید، آب پاکی را روی دست طرفداران موبایل انعطاف پذیر مایکروسافت یعنی سرفیس فون ریخت و اعلام کرد شرکت، نیازی به این گوشی ندارد. شایعات مربوط به گوشی منعطف مایکروسافت چندین سال است که دست به دست میان وب سایت های مختلف می چرخد. اما طی چند ماه اخیر، بسیاری از کاربران ... نوشته مایکروسافت برنامه ای برای عرضه سرفیس فون ندارد! اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. if you somehow missed the good news, 2017 greeted us with nokia's long-anticipated return to the smartphone scene. the mid-range nokia 6 android handset is already a reality and marks hmd global's first effort at managing the legendary brand. there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the handset in question, ranging from international availability to possible future software efforts, like an ai istant. however, one thing is for sure - the nokia 6 has already stirred up a lot of excitement in the mobile realm, and sparked numerous speculations on other upcoming nokia phones, like the...