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vertu and tcl have signed a deal for manufacturing a new line of phones. all 30,000 units will be handcrafted in the uk, with a price starting at £7,500 a piece. this is the first deal vertu strikes after a change in ownership back in march. a turkish millionaire named hakan uzan bought the company from godin holdings, and said he wants to help vertu reach its full potential. now, according to sources, uzan shared his excitement of working with tcl communication and "hopes this will be the start of a prosperous new chapter in our relationship. tcl communication is a company known... the apple-qualcomm relationship isn't going too well lately amidst all the patent and royalty disputes. apple even chose intel as the sole supplier of modems in the 2018 iphones after working with qualcomm models for years. but the latest rumor going around suggests that intel-apple partnership might be short-lived as well because the smartphone maker is looking into designing its future models in-house. according to sources, apple is looking to hire a team of engineers in san diego to work on its own neural engine ai chip and wireless chips, which is a strong indication that apple... this year at ces alcatel has brought two android phones for the m es. both have 18:9 screens, which offer slightly more screen real estate while keeping the phones relatively compact. these two choose sensibility over vanity and go with grippy, fingerprint resistant backs instead of trying to fit a metal cover in this budget. the alcatel 1x (2019) brings a larger, sharper display than last year's model. the 5.5" display has a + ips panel and is guarded by 2.5d dragontrail gl . not bad for the budget, which is $120/€120. alcatel 1x in pebble black and pebble blue it... the path at the end of moore's law is a winding one - today samsung announced that it will be producing 11nm chips for high-end and mid-range phones. this is a low power plus (lpp) process that is a scaled down version of the 14nm lpp process used for chips like the snapdragon 660 and 630. it promises up to 15% boost in performance with the same power use. the chip area will be reduced by 10%, meaning the manufacturing price of chips will fall. expect the first 11nm chipsets to come out in the first half of 2018. the premium phones of next year will be using the new 7nm lpp chips built... samsung has corrected the issue with the oreo update for the galaxy s8 and s8+ and the rollout has resumed. the new firmware brings the software version up to g950fxxu1crb7 for the s8 and g955xxu1crb7 for the s8+. the update weighs 530mb for users who updated their phones before the rollout was suspended, those who haven't are looking at a larger . samsung galaxy s8+ receiving the oreo update (again) we don't know the exact timing of the latest rollout, though we've heard that galaxy s8+ phones in germany are currently receiving it. thanks goes to ovidiu for sending... the honor magic 2 is only the second of the new wave of slider phones - a form factor reborn from the ashes. the way it's designed is less complicated (which in turn may mean less prone to breaking) than the powered pop-ups of certain other phones that tried to eliminate the selfie era notch. pc pop has published a step-by-step dis embly that shows how it's done. taking apart the magic 2 starts off as usual - apply heat to unglue the gl back. you can see the metal heat spreader, below that is the brain of the phone. opening the back of the honor magic 2 but before that,... apple launched the iphone x and already is preparing for the next-year flagship. according to kgi analyst ming-chi kuo, cupertino is preparing two oled phones for 2018. the report also suggests that the phones might return to the stainless steel frames to improve data transmission quality. top: iphone 8 plus • bottom: iphone x the iphone x currently has a steel frame around the edges with antenna bands dividing it in four. if the prediction is accurate, we might see a new appearance of the phone's casing. currently, only the iphone x comes with an oled screen. according to... manufacturers keep implementing dual era setups on their phones to achieve the background blur for portrait pictures. google's devices, the pixel 2 and the pixel 2 xl, have only one era, but thanks to a combination of dual pixel phase detection and machine learning, they create some of the best portrait p os. an xda-developers user shared the latest build of the google era app. that way any android user can take amazing portrait pictures without h le. we ed the apk file and installed it on two android phones with different chipsets. here are the results. first, we... the turn of the year brought some significant changes to our top 10 trending phones charting, including a new leader. the xiaomi redmi note 6 pro rose two spots to dethrone the galaxy a8s, as last week's runner up xiaomi mi play is all the way down in fifth. samsung galaxy a7 (2018) also made the podium as the huawei nova 4 held onto the fourth spot. in sixth we find the upcoming xioami redmi 7, which has pushed its pocophone f1 stablemate down to seventh. further down the honor view 20 makes a return to the chart to snatch eight, while the galaxy s8 and apple iphone 6s just... hmd unveiled a trio of new devices today, upgrading its entry-level and mid-range offerings. two are android one phones, the third runs the lightweight oreo go edition. the android one models will receive software updates for two years and security updates for three years - that's as much as most flagships get. except these are budget-friendly phones. nokia 5.1 a huge upgrade over its predecessor, the nokia 5.1 now features a fullhd+ (1,080 x 2,160 px) display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and a 40% faster chipset. the ips lcd measures 5.5" in diagonal and is covered with 2.5d gorilla gl ... looks like the microphone problem with original pixel phones is back to haunt google. the company is facing a lawsuit, with complainants alleging the issue was there from the beginning, and despite knowing this, google continued to sell the handsets. interestingly, while none of the named plaintiffs sent their units for repair, the lawsuit alleges even the replacement phones had the same problem. it's worth mentioning that the lawsuit is being handled by girard gibbs llp, the same firm which is also handling the lawsuit related to pixel 2's display. google is yet to officially... last week xiaomi ed which 40 devices will receive miui 9 and today it announced the start of the miui 10 development. the launch was announced at a glamorous event in beijing, held by hong feng, co-founder and vp of xiaomi. he said the main focus for developers will be artificial intelligence and machine learning. the latest stable version of miui right now is 9.1.1, although some phones are already getting the 9.2.1 beta. key features of the new user interface are split screen, picture in picture mode and game speed booster which we covered earlier. while all phones are... google released the files go app late last year and as the name suggests, it was meant for android go users. well, it proved so popular (even among mainline android users) that the app is getting rebranded to just "files by google". files go was meant to help you clean out the clutter out of the limited storage on android go phones. but google noted that the app has grown to 30 million monthly users, some of which were using powerful phones with plenty of storage. we guess it's easier to lose a file in 128gb of storage than in 8gb, such lost files pile up and take up room. it's... the samsung notebook 9 (2018) launched with a new material dubbed metal 12. a trademark filing at euipo suggests that this magnesium allow will be used for phones, watches, mobile accessories and even home appliances. the new notebook 9 weighs 1kg (2.2lbs), which puts this 13.3" laptop in the featherweight category. much of this is attributed to the metal 12. samsung describes the material as "incredibly light, yet unbelievably strong". way back there was a rumor that the galaxy s7 will have a magnesium alloy frame, but those rumors did not pan out (in the end, a more traditional... as november ended, the xiaomi redmi note 6 pro remained the most popular phone in our database with the samsung galaxy a7 (2018) and huawei mate 20 pro joining it to form the same top 3 as last week. in fourth we have the nokia 8.1 - the yet-to-be-announced international version of the nokia x7. samsung galaxy a9 (2018) dropped to fifth, while another rumored phone s to sixth - the galaxy a8s with its front era sitting in a hole on the screen. xiaomi pocophone f1 slid to seventh, while in eight we have the third member of the unofficial phones family with the dual screen vivo... jerryrigeverything just e out with a recap video of 2018 highlighting the phones that stood out in terms of durability. the kyocera duraforce pro 2 was the overall winner with its rigid design and real sapphire front panel. zack also pointed out that build quality is getting better over time as in 2016, three smartphones failed the durability test, two failed in 2017 and only one snapped in 2018 of all the devices he tested. when it comes to repairability, nokia takes the win on this one with its nokia 6.1 and nokia 7 plus. the screen replacement of both phones is super... once upon a time doom was installed on more computers than windows 95. microsoft tried porting the game to boost the popularity of its new os (an effort lead by one gabe newell), but doom would be ported to just about every platform you can think of - including many phones. our story begins before app stores were popular and worse, there were so many mobile operating systems. so this was a bit more complicated than putting a game up on the google play store and the apple app store. cdoom was one of the earlier ports, published in 2001 for the nokia 9210 communicator (9210i and 9210c as... با نزدیک شدن به نمایشگاه کامپیوت 2017، اخبار مربوط به معرفی محصولات جدید در حال افزایش است. در همین راستا شرکت چند ملیتی ایسر جدید ترین خانواده از لپ تاپ های مخصوص بازی خود را معرفی کرده است. acer که… http://itresan.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/here-are-samsungs-plans-for-future-kitkat-updates.png اگر نگران و پیگیر بروز رسانی گوشی های سامسونگ خود به نسخه های 4.4.2، 4.4.3 و یا 4.4.4 هستید، پس این مطلب را بخوانید! ابتدا باید بگوییم که گوشی های رده بالا و شاخص سامسونگ به زودی جدیدترین آپدیت مخصوص سیستم عاملشان را دریافت خواهند کرد. یکی از این محصولات........................ nokia announced three entry-level and mid-range handsets back in may three smartphones in the lower price spectrum - nokia 5.1, nokia 3.1 and nokia 2.1. today hmd announced the arrival of the trio to india (the 3.1 has already been available with 2 gb ram, now it makes its way with 3 gigs). the phones will be launched on august 12 across plenty of retailers and nokia's own website. all three phones have android oreo 8.1 out of the box. hmd global official told us back in spring the company is planning two-year os updates and three-year security updates for the trio, so android pie... in past tense is our series of articles in which gsmarena veterans take you on a nostalgia-infused ride through the years. hi, i'm paul, the veteran here at gsmarena towers and my journey takes us on a slightly longer track when compared to previous installments in this series. before owning my first mobile phone i had access to one through the uk company i worked for, and i've racked my brains, but for the life of me, i can't remember what make or model it was. what i do remember though is pranking my friends, i used to call them up while stood outside their house, pretending i was at... رکنا:بر اساس اعلام مجله us weekly، جنیفر گارنر و بن افلاک پس از دو سال ج آماده می شوند تا به طور رسمی از یکدیگر طلاق بگیرند. البته تمام این اطلاعات از طریق یکی از منابع نزدیک به این زوج درز پیدا کرده… now that embly of galaxy m phones has started, we're bound to see more leaks of the hardware. today a p o of the screen gl for the galaxy m20 has surfaced, showing a teardrop notch - a first for samsung, which was one of the few remaining makers without a notch in their lineup. that screen measures 5.6" and will reportedly feature a super amoled panel with 1080p+ resolution. galaxy on phones (which the m-series aims to replace) usually sported lcds in the lower levels and even the higher standing galaxy a8s may go with lcd. samsung galaxy m20's screen gl with a teardrop... if you are facing a choice between two evenly matched phones, where one has a superior rear era and the other has a better selfie snapper which way would you go? chip and yordan discuss. yordan: we can't have nice things because of selfie eras it was probably 2004 or 2005 when i was thinking: "phones with front-facing eras are so right now". they painted a futuristic picture where video calls were a daily thing. oh how silly was i back then. video calling today surely is popular, but it is not the glamorous feature isaac azimov once pictured. it is just a... a senior hamas delegation is scheduled to arrive in cairo on tuesday amid reports that egypt has been exerting pressure on the palestinian terrorist group to halt the weekly m demonstrations along the israeli border. we're completing our 2017 best era roundup with a look at the top 10 phones for video capture to come out this year. unsurprisingly, some of these were already featured in the top 10 rear eras article from a couple of weeks ago, and whaddayaknow, some can also take pretty nice selfies. we're done with the stills, though, it's now time for video. #review-body .atitle b { color: #b23f33; height: 100%; display: inline-block; padding: 0 0.5em 0 0; } #review-body p.atitle { border-bottom: 2px solid #b23f33; } #review-body .atable td.value { float:... shortly after the vivo z3 launch, the chinese vendor is prepping up another release for the mid-range segment. actually, a tenaa ing tells a story of two devices with different model numbers (v1818a and v1818t) and identical specs. supposedly, one of them is aimed at a carrier. a 6.22-inch ips display with 720 x 1520 (hd+) resolution takes up most of the front panel. we can also see a fairly thick chin and a familiar earpiece grill, hinting at a waterdrop-styled notch, housing the 8mp front-facing era. the device is powered by an octa-core cpu clocked at 1.95 ghz, which could... the indian division of gionee just announced the gionee s11 lite and the gionee f205 with tall screens. both phones were unveiled at an event in china back in november, but this is the first time they arrive outside their domestic market. the s11 lite and f205 bring features like face unlock and bokeh selfie effect at an affordable price tag in the sub 15k category. gionee f205 the gionee f205 has a 5.45" tall screen with hd+ resolution. the device is powered by mediatek 6739 chipset with four cortex-a53 cpu running cores at 1.3 ghz. there is a basic 8 mp snapper, coupled with an... teleg h - amajority of french conservatives want françois fillon to stay in the presidential race despite his continuing “fake work” scandal, but two-thirds of voters would prefer him to quit, a poll indicated on sunday. according to a research carried out by the display supply chain consultant, next year's smartphones with flexible displays will ship 3.1 million units. that's just going to be the tip of the iceberg though, as the report estimates that in 2022, the number will grow to a whopping 63 million units generating revenue of $8.9 billion. that's a pretty big jump from zero phones in 2018. but it all makes sense if more oems adopt the technology and offer better and more affordable smartphones in the niche. it all depends on the competition and the maturity of the technology, which are the main... samsung is already working on the oreo update for its smartphones but won't release it before early 2018. the information comes from a turkish samsung representative. sadly the source doesn't give out specifics about which phones will receive the android 8.0 oreo update first but it's a good guess that the samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ along with the galaxy note8 will get the honor. we can only speculate if the news concerns only turkish samsung phones or whether samsung will start its oreo rollout a bit earlier in other markets, but chances seem slim at this point. we'll keep you... in past tense is our series of articles in which the gsmarena team takes you on a nostalgia-infused ride through the phones that impressed them the most through the years. growing in a family of phone aficionados, the most logical path for me was to pursue a career in mobile technologies. i remember the times of my early journa ic days when i said: "man, i want to be like the gsmarena guys". fast forward several years later and that's a reality, i am reporting the latest industry news for you daily. i still remember the first mobile phone i played with - a siemens c35i in... it appears the "if you can't beat them, sue them" method is moving to asia.the shenzhen-based company coolpad is suing xiaomi for infringing ui patents, including multi-sim card design. according to the lawsuit in a jiangsu province court, the devices copy "basic communication, display and interactive functions of mobile phones that are difficult to circumvent or replace". coolpad's subsidiary yulong computer telecommunication scientific demands xiaomi companies immediately cease manufacturing and sales of the following phones - mi 6, mi max 2, mi note 3, mi 5x, redmi note 4x, and... انقلاب:«اکنون پس از شبها و روزهای تلخ نگرانی و کاوش، نوبت آن است که یاد فداکاری باشکوه و مظلومانه ی آتش نشانان مؤمن و شجاع ملت ایران ثبت و بزرگ داشته شود و مردانی را که حقاً باید قهرمانان کم ادّعا و بااخلاص نامیده شوند همگان بشناسند و درس آنان را در خاطر نگه دارند.»۹۵/۱۱/۱۰ این جملات، طلیعه پیام انقلاب، ده روز پس از حادثه آتش سوزی ساختمان پلاسکوی تهران، برای آتش نشانان فداکار این حادثه است. پیامی که در آن تعبیر « ی خدمت» برای آتش نشانان از سوی ایشان استفاده شد: «اینها شهیدان راه خدمت دشوار و انجام وظیفه ی پرخطرند و هرگز فراموش نخواهند شد ان شاءا... .» ۹۵/۱۱/۱۰ شصت و هشتمین شماره ی هفته نامه ی خبری-تبیینی خط حزب الله با سخن هفته ای در خصوص خدمت به مردم؛ با عنوان «خدمت فلسفه وجود ما» منتشر شد.
گزارش هفته ی این شماره با عنوان «گام دوم برای تحقق یک آرمان» به بررسی جایگاه انقلاب ی در دهه چهارم انقلاب اختصاص یافته است.
ع ویژه ی این هفته ی نشریه، تصویری از حضور حضرت آیت ا... در تظاهرات علیه رژیم پهلوی در مشهد، سال ۱۳۵۷ است.
شصت و هشتمین شماره ی هفته نامه ی خط حزب الله به روح پرفتوح شهید علی امینی و همه ۱۶۶ آتش نشان مدفون در قطعه ۵۰ بهشت زهرا تقدیم شده است.
نسخه ی pdf نشریه در سه نسخه ی تابلوی اعلانات، a۴ جهت مطالعه و a۳ برای چاپ و تکثیر بر روی پایگاهkhamenei.ir قرار گرفته است و عموم امت حزب الله می توانند آن را چاپ و در محافل انقل ، های ، هیئت های مذهبی و پایگاه های بسیج توزیع کنند. برای دسترسی به آرشیو نشریه هم می توانید به اینجا مراجعه کنید.
نسخه تابلو اعلانات دریافت "خط حزب الله" نسخه ی مطالعه (a۴) دریافت نسخه ی چاپ (a۳) as some of you may probably know, current android versions give you the ability to access network signal strength by heading to the sim status menu in settings. but now it looks like the information may be made optional in future. a recent piece of code committed to the android open source project reveals there are plans to give carriers the ability to hide the signal strength information. reports say the feature was requested by carriers, and google agreed to their demand. there's, however, no information on exactly why carriers want such a feature (which would presumably come into... at the phone launch event in barcelona, hmd global said all nokias from nokia 3 and above would be part of the android one program, meaning they will receive security updates up to 3 years after their launch. the android one program is a line of smartphones with pure android, a limited amount of pre-installed apps to allow more storage and highest grade of security. phones under this project are the first to receive the monthly updates, and in this particular case, the nokias will get android p once it arrives. the full of nokia android one smartphones is: nokia 3, nokia 5,... the weather gripping large parts of europe this summer are probably going to be more common than before. sony has published an extensive interview with the designers of its xperia phones and it has some interesting tidbits. the designers are concerned with not just the "evolution" of smartphone design, but also with change. they see that smartphone design is getting stale and are keen to keep the xperia phones fresh. the sony xperia xz2 premium is the model that lives on the cutting edge. it introduced hdr video recording to match the 4k hdr capabilities of its screen. interestingly, the original xz premium also had an image sensor capable of hdr video capture, but the chipset couldn't handle... the uk conservative party is projected to have a nine-percent lead over its primary rival, the labour party, at the upcoming snap general election, set for june 8, a fresh survey showed monday. google is teasing the new version of active edge on the pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl with a video focused on the act of touching, squeezing and hugging objects and people. the video also signals the pixel's arrival to the japanese market. google has set up a landing page for japanese customers interested in getting the pixel 3/3 xl. sadly the video doesn't show the phones themselves, but some of the colors accented in it can be interpreted as tips to the pixel 3/3 xl's color options. we already have a good idea of what google's latest two phones will pack and a great idea of what...

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