eu says it will comply with wto decision on airbus state aid dispute

saudi deputy crown prince mohammed bin salman left saudi arabia on monday for the united states for a visit scheduled to include talks with u.s. president donald trump, the royal court said in a statement carried by state news agency spa. the iraqi air force dropped leaflets on friday urging residents in the islamic state-held old city centre of mosul to flee, raising fears among humanitarian groups for the safety of desperate civilians there. huawei just pushed a rather hefty patch for its p20 pro flagship, which is around 525mb big and carries the build designation clt-l29 it brings google's august security patch along with some minor bug fixes and improvements, but more importantly, huawei disabled the ai scene recognition in the era app by default. it's still there and you need to go into the settings menu and enable it if you find it useful. that's a somewhat odd decision considering that huawei's marketing is heavily focused on the ai capabilities of its phones. we hope we get an official... ten crew members were missing after a cargo vessel collided with another vessel in wusongkou anchorage at shanghai, china’s state-owned xinhua news agency reported, citing the shanghai maritime search and rescue centre. the trump administration is supposedly considering decl ifying a state department report that tallies up the true number of palestinian refugees. the united states has worked out sanctions against certain russian, iranian, north korean and chinese individuals and legal entities as well as against organizations from turkey and saudi arabia, accusing them of violating us national legislation on non-proliferation of weapons of m destruction, says a public notice posted by the us department of state on the federal register, the daily journal of us government, on wednesday, reports t . u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson will chair a united nations security council meeting on north korea on april 28 to discuss how the body can combat pyongyang's banned nuclear and missile programs, u.s. amb ador nikki haley said on monday.
ترجمه مقاله ساخت یک سیستم خبره رجوع بیمارستان
ترجمه مقالات مدیریت, رایگان مقالات انگلیسی, مقالات ترجمه شده ارجاع به بیمارستان,بهینه سازی,ترجمه,داده کاوی,سیستم های پشتیبانی تصمیم,سیستم های خبره,فراگیری ماشین,کیفیت بیمارستان,ماشین بردار پشتیبانی,هوش

توضیحات عنوان انگلیسی مقاله: building a hospital referral expert system with a prediction and optimization -based decision support system algorithm عنوان فارسی مقاله: ایجاد سیستم خبره ارجاع بیمارستان همراه با الگوریتم سیستم پشتیبانی تصمیم گیری مبتنی بر بهینه سازی و پیش بینی دسته: مدیریت فرمت فایل ترجمه شده: word (قابل ویرایش) تعداد صفحات فایل ترجمه شده: ۳۲ مقاله انگلیسی با ترجمه روان فارسی آماده ی ید می باشد.
چکیده ترجمه: تحقیق کنونی برای ایجاد یک سیستم خبره با استفاده از مسئله ارجاع بیمارستانی به عنوان نمونه، شیوه جدیدی را ارائه می دهد. عوامل زیادی نظیر خصیصه های سازمانی، ریسک های بیمار، پیمودن مسافت و فرصت های ادامه حیات و عوارض، می بایست در تصمیم گیری انتخاب بیمارستان گنجانده شوند. مطلوب این است که هر بیمار به طور جداگانه به وسیله فرایند تصمیم نه تنها با در نظر گرفتن وضعیت شان بلکه باورهای آن ها در مورد ارزی مقایسه ای میان خصیصه های بیمارستانی مطلوب، درمان شود. یک سیستم خبره می تواند به این تصمیم گیری پیچیده کمک نماید. بالأخص زمانی که عوامل زیادی باید در نظر گرفته شوند، ما روشی را پیشنهاد داده ایم که الگوریتم سیستم پشتیبانی تصمیم گیری مبتنی بر بهینه سازی و پیش بینی (podss) خوانده می شود که بدون یک پایه دانش مشخص، سیستم خبره ای را به وجود می آورد. این الگوریتم دانش را خودش با ایجاد طبقه سازی های یادگیری ماشینی از طریق مجموعه ای از نمونه های برچسب زده شده، ب می کند. در پاسخ به یک سؤال، الگوریتم با استفاده از یک مرحله بهینه سازی، پیشنهاد سفارشی می دهد تا به بیمار کمک می کند که احتمال دستی به یک نتیجه مطلوب را به حد اکثر برساند. در این ح ، بیمارستان پیشنهادی، راه حل بهینه ای است که احتمال نتیجه مطلوب را به حداکثر می کند. این سیستم خبره با طرح ریزی درست می تواند عوامل زیادی را ترکیب کند تا اینکه پشتیبانی تصمصم گیری انتخاب بیمارستان را در سطح فردی ارائه نماید.

قسمتی از متن انگلیسی: ۱٫ introduction health care quality is a very important issue in the us. tens of thousands of americans die each year, and many more suffer from nonfatal injuries due to errors in the health care system [29] . several approaches have been directed toward solving this problem. for example, the health it framework [39] proposed several strategies, such as promoting it adoption, fostering collaborations, and enhancing informed consumer choice of clinicians or institutions-
جهت مشاهده ادامه بر روی متن زیر کلیک نمایید. ترجمه مقاله ساخت یک سیستم خبره رجوع بیمارستان
russia and turkey agreed on the technical specifications of a contract that would supply turkey with long-range air defense systems s-400 triumph, russian state conglomerate rostec's director for international cooperation and regional policy viktor kladov said wednesday. a petrol bomb has been thrown at the lakeside villa of myanmar state councilor aung san suu kyi in yangon, the government spokesman said thursday. us: russia arming anti-kiev fighters the us has accused russia of providing military support to pro-russian fighters in ukraine, hours after a ukrainian military transport plane was downed in the east by the fighters. the us state department said it has no evidence that moscow has stopped supporting the pro-russian forces fighting the ukrainian government. "in fact, we ess that russia continues to provide them with heavy weapons, other military equipment and financing, and continues to allow militants to enter ukraine freely," the department said on monday. the accu ion e as ukrainian forces hunted for the crew of a downed military plane after kiev said the aircraft was "likely" s down from russia, ratchetin. australia is to build its first prison aimed at isolating militants and stopping the spread of radical beliefs through the prison system as part of efforts to eliminate terrorism, the premier of new south wales state said on sunday. four “emirs” of the islamic state of iraq and the levant (isil) were killed in the airstrikes carried out by turkish warplanes in syria as a part of the ongoing euphrates shield operation, the turkish armed forces (tsk) announced on feb. 4. russia will start initial deliveries of military helicopters to india in 2018, with embly and manufacturing to follow in asia's fastest growing economy, the chief executive of state-owned manufacturer russian helicopters said on monday. two turkish soldiers were killed and 15 others were wounded in an islamic state iraq and levant (isil) attack on feb. 8 during the ongoing euphrates shield operation in northern syria, according to the turkish armed forces. russia intervened to halt a clash between syrian government forces and turkey-backed syrian rebels in northern syria, sources on both sides said on friday, the first confrontation between them as both sides fight islamic state in the area. the united states disclosed on april 21 a secret military ground operation that killed an islamic state of iraq and the levant (isil) militant seen as a close ociate of the jihadist group’s leader abu bakr al-baghdadi and linked to an attack on a turkish nightclub that left 39 people dead. bulgarian prosecutors have charged the country's interim health minister with misuse of power for threatening the head of a state health agency because she would not hire his protege, they said on monday. the syrian kurdish militia and its arab allies known as the syrian democratic forces (sdf) formally announced the start of the fight to liberate raqqa, the self-declared capital of the islamic state, just as another kurdish group declared it was escalating its war against turkey. if pyongyang follows through with its promise to denuclearise, private american firms will be allowed to invest in north korea, giving the hermit kingdom the chance at economic prosperity that “will rival” that of south korea, us secretary of state mike pompeo said on sunday. at&t's decision to rebrand lte as "5g e" may not have gone very well with its competitors, but samsung seems to have taken notice. that is because, according to a new rumor, the smartphone previously known as galaxy s10 lite will actually be sold under the name galaxy s10 e. make of that what you wish. additionally, for cost-cutting purposes, this device will not come with an under-display fingerprint sensor, like the s10 and s10+. hopefully that means it will actually be affordable, and not priced at iphone xr levels. then again, it is supposedly samsung's direct competitor for the xr, so... iran’s official irna news agency is reporting that china’s state-owned petroleum corporation has taken a majority share of the country’s south pars gas project after french oil and gas company total announced it would pull out because renewed u.s. economic sanctions against iran. at least 18 people were killed and 15 others wounded on sunday in a suicide bombing in an eastern district of damascus, afp reported quoting syrian state television. security forces intercepted two suicide car bombers on sunday morning, who blew up their vehicles at the entrance of the city, but the third bomber was able to enter damascus and detonate the bomb. the syrian army and its allies are on the verge of completely seizing the rebel-held district of qaboun on the edge of the capital damascus following over two months of aerial strikes and artillery shelling, rebels and state media said on sunday. the north korean regime has yet again threatened the united states saying it will make the country suffer “the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history,” after the united nations security council p ed a resolution to impose tougher sanctions on the rogue state. eu accession talks could be put to a referendum by the end of the year, erdoğan says. the question on whether to continue accession talks with the eu could be put to a referendum by the end of the year, president recep tayyip erdoğan said on monday. erdoğan's words e after european parliament president martin schulz said that turkey may face economic sanctions over its recent terror-related operations, instead of terminating its eu accession talks. he also said accession negotiations would come to an end if turkey reintroduced the death penalty. erdoğan slammed schulz's remarks and said that turkish people could decide over the fate of the accession talks. "you say 'we'll stop the accession talks', well, you are late. you should decide right away. and i say, as president, that we shoul. indian police have arrested two daesh suspects who allegedly were planning ‘lone wolf’ attacks in the home state of prime minister narendra modi. iraqi forces gained fresh ground in door-to-door fighting in the old city of mosul, a military spokesman said on monday, as the u.s.-backed offensive to capture islamic state's de facto capital in iraq entered its seventh month. 8 things you need to know about disability discrimination 1- at the federal and state level, discrimination against employees with disabilities is prohibited by law. under the federal law, the americans with disability act (ada) prohibits discriminatory actions taken by employers against their employees. the same applies at the state level in california and is regulated by the fair employment and housing act (feha). amongst other recognized protected cl es and or characteristics, employees with physical or mental disabilities have rights that protect them from being discriminated against based on their disability. employees with disabilities in california have many rights under feha, however it is a matter of knowing your rights as a disabled employee in order to know you have a claim against your employer or organization who has violated those rights. call a disability discrimination lawyer to discuss this further. 2- an employee may have a disability discrimination case if they can show that they had a recognized disability, they possessed the skills and qualifications for the position they occupied at the time or applied for, they were subjected to adverse treatment in the workplace, and the reason for this treatment was based on their recognized disability. a disability discrimination lawyer in your area is the professional to contact in this kind of situation, 3- recognized mental disabilities under feha may include mental or psychological disorders such as learning disabilities, ociated deficits and disorders, intellectual disabilities, organic brain syndrome, and/or emotional or mental illness. a recognized physical disability under feha may include any physical impairment by a physiological disease, disorder, condition, cosmetic disfigurement, or any loss of control of the body. physical impairments must affect the employee’s body system as well as limit major life activity. consider speaking to a disability discrimination lawyer for more istance. 4- the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, in this case, the employee, to prove that he or she has been discriminated against by the employer. in order to prove an employee has been discriminated against, the employee must prove that there was a causal connection between their disability and their termination, constructive termination or resignation from their position. this causal connection would demonstrate that the employee was terminated based on their disability. for example, an employee with a recognized learning disability is asked to sit for an exam for training purposes. this employee’s particular disability required that he have a person read the exam directions and questions aloud to him. when the employee sent a formal request for this accommodation, the employer said they had to let him go because “this company didn’t need the dead weight of someone who couldn’t handle taking an exam without having someone read the instructions for them”. here, the employer’s actions and words may be characterized as discriminatory because the employee’s request for accommodation triggered the employer’s decision to terminate his employment (hoffman v. caterpillar, inc., 368 f. 3d 709, 2004 u.s. app.) therefore, there is a direct causal link between the employee’s disability and the decision to terminate. in this scenario the employee would be able to draw this link and have a potential action against the employer for disability discrimination under feha. for a clearer understanding of this contact a disability discrimination lawyer. 5- if the case was to go to trial, the employee in this scenario would have to show that their disability was the substantial and driving force behind the termination.(horsford v. board of trustees of calif. state univ. (2005)) referring back to the employee with the learning disability, let’s say prior to the employee’s request for accommodation he had been caught stealing products from his job-site. based on those facts the employer may argue that the reason for firing the employee was based on the theft. therefore, the employee may not be able to prove that his disability was the substantial cause of his termination. asking a disability discrimination lawyer is the best way to pursue a disability discrimination case. 6- as mentioned previously, an employer’s choice of words can be calculated to being discriminatory and contribute to the evidence that the employee was wrongfully terminated. an employer may choose to verbalize, or write words or make remarks that may be discriminatory. this could occur anywhere from being said in an email or in p ing in the break room. in some circumstances the remark could be characterized as discriminatory even if the remark was not directed at the employee with a disability (metoyer v. ch man (9th 2007)) for example, referring the employee with the learning disability, prior to his termination his employer may have made jokes at the company christmas party to other employees about “how lazy people with disabilities are”. here, even though this comment was made to another employee, the employee with the disability may present this as evidence that their disability was the ultimate cause of his termination. however, keep in mind that it bolsters an employee’s claim if the remarks made by the employer were related to the ultimate decision to terminate the employee otherwise they may be considered “stray remarks” (waterhouse v. hopkins (1989)). in california, “stray remarks”, which may be discriminatory remarks made outside of the decision-process to terminate an employee, are still taken into account and considered part of all evidence as a whole (reid v. google, inc. (2010)). with the istance of a disability discrimination lawyer, an employee can make claim against their former employer. 7- an employee may strengthen their claim if they can prove that their employer did not implement the reasonable accommodation. depending on the circumstances and the particular disability, in general, an employer would need to reasonably accommodate an employee through modifications and adjustments, facilitate processes that would enable the employee to carry out essential job functions, and provide paid or unpaid leave to the employee while they receive treatment for their disability. some ways that an employer could accommodate the disabled employee would be by allowing the employee to switch to a part-time position, allow flexibility in scheduling, adjust facilities within the workplace to be accessible to the employee based on the employee’s disability needs, provide extra training to ensure the employee receives an equal opportunity in comparison to all other employees, allow the employee to have support or guide dog accompany them at work, 8- above all, it is imperative that the employer maintains open communication with the employee in relation to any changes in their needs as a disabled employee, also known as an “interactive process”. it is the organization or employer’s responsibility to ensure that all supervisors who oversee the disabled employee are aware of any accommodations that need to be provided to the employee. for further guidance on the matter, call a disability discrimination lawyer. google's pixel and pixel xl both have 3.5mm headphone jacks, but their successors might not. a new unconfirmed rumor is now claiming as much, and it's apparently based on "an internal google document". the nature of that documentation hasn't been shared because it would put the source of this leak at risk, allegedly. while we don't get a picture of said document, we are told that "the language used presents the removal of the jack as a matter of fact" - so this isn't something that google is just considering at the moment, instead the decision has already been made. that said, all of this... about a year ago, huawei unveiled the p10 at the mwc - a popular venue to debut flagship phones. not so much this year, however. anonymous sources claim that the company will push back the launch of the huawei p11 from the mwc to a dedicated european event in april. polishing the hardware (like the triple era) and ensuring steady supply of chipsets are quoted as further reasons to delay. huawei's difficulties in entering the us market allegedly also played a role in this decision. lg will not be unveiling its next flagship at the mwc either - instead, we're getting a revamped lg... سال انتشار: 2018 ترجمه فارسی عنوان مقاله: پیش به سوی اولویت بندی نیاز ها برای پشتیبانی از تصمیم گیری در فرآیند تغییر سازمانی عنوان انگلیسی مقاله: towards a prioritization of needs to support decision making in organizational change processes منبع: proceedings of the 51st hawaii international conference on system sciences 2018 نویسنده: alexander kaiser, florian fahrenbach, florian kragulj, thomas grisold چکیده انگلیسی: the purpose of this paper is to introduce a decision support system to prioritize needs that are anchored in an organization. we build on a systems-thinking approach and develop a weighted additive index which considers different viewpoints o. us secretary of state mike pompeo used his recent speech in egypt as an opportunity to introduce an upgraded anti-iran strategy to be pursued by washington. while condemning his aggressive stance, iranian officials hit back at pompeo by condemning american interference in different parts of the world. ترجمه مقاله تحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایه مفاهیم سود اقتصادی و سود تحقق یافته موضوعات بحث بر انگیزی در حسابداری شرکت و حوزه های مربوطه بوده اند این بحث ها مکرر به شکل های مختلف آمده اند نه تنها برای تجدید نظر در مفهوم سود از لحاظ سود اقتصادی بلکه در حوزه های مربوطه مثل مالیات بر سود شرکت و محدودیت های سود سهام دراین بخش ،نگاهی سریع به سابقه قضائی در us داریم ، به عنوان راهنمای بررسی پرو دسته بندی حسابداری بازدید ها 27 فرمت فایل docx حجم فایل 6 کیلو بایت تعداد صفحات فایل 6  ترجمه مقاله تحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایه گزارش تخلف برای ترجمه مقاله تحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایه ترجمه مقاله تحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایه فروشنده فایل کد کاربری 1113 تمام فایل ها کاربر عنوان :realization of income and separation from capital چکیده لاتین مقاله : realization of income and separation from capital the concepts of economic income and realized income have been subjects of controversy for a long time in corporate accounting and related areas. those arguments have been repeated in a variety of forms, not only in attempts to reconsider the concept of income in the light of economic income but also in the related area such as taxation on corporate income and restrictions on dividend for the company law purpose. in this section, take a quick look at an early judicial precedent in us 6), as a clue to a review of the process of interaction of income concept and establishment of realization concepts.
the judicial precedent at issue is the case of eisner vs. macomber ruled by the us federal supreme court in 1920. although this case was originally a dispute over the provision of the internal revenue code that deemed stock dividends as taxable income, it be e a leading case that left a significant impact to posterity, in that it established the conceptual norms such as what constitutes income. the court decision set out the interpretation of the realization concept that a mere increase in the value of capital is not enough to constitute income if it is not separated from capital, thereby denied that stock dividend is income. the court decision defined the income generated from capital as an inflow of goods that has been separated from capital and the recipient can independently use or dispose of, not a mere increase in the value of the capital. it pointed out that, whereas in case of cash dividends the shareholders acquire a property with exclusive ownership and can freely decide its disposal, stock dividend provides only an evidence of what the shareholders already holds. it also noted that the increase in the value of capital arising before the dividend should not be deemed as realization of income, as long as the shareholders do not have discretion to reinvest or consume it. چکیده ترجمه فارسی: تحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایه
مفاهیم سود اقتصادی و سود تحقق یافته موضوعات بحث بر انگیزی در حسابداری شرکت و حوزه های مربوطه بوده اند . این بحث ها مکرر به شکل های مختلف آمده اند نه تنها برای تجدید نظر در مفهوم سود از لحاظ سود اقتصادی بلکه در حوزه های مربوطه مثل مالیات بر سود شرکت و محدودیت های سود سهام . دراین بخش ،نگاهی سریع به سابقه قضائی در us داریم ، به عنوان راهنمای بررسی پروسه تعامل مفهوم سود و برقراری مفاهیم تحقیق . سابقه قضایی مورد بحث کار eisner در مقابل macomber است که توسط دیوان عالی فدرال us در 1920 وضع شد. اگر چه این وضع اساسا یک اختلاف بر سر شرایط کد درآمد داخلی بود که سود سهام را به عنوان سود مالیاتی فرض می کرد ،اما موضوعی مهم در تاثیر بر آیندگان شد از این نظر که شیوه های مفهومی را بر قرار ساخت . تصمیم دیوان از تفسیر مفهوم تحقق به شکلی بود که یک افزایش صرف در ارزش سرمایه بر روی تشکیل درآمد کافی نیست اگر از سرمایه جدا شود بنابراین انکار کرد که سود سهام ، درآمد سود باشد. ترجمه مقاله تحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایهتحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایه ترجمه مقاله تحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایهتحقق سود و جدائی از سرمایهتحقق سودجدائی از سرمایه
kazakhstan and iran are to build a flat gl plant in kyzylorda, southern kazakhstan. the agreement has been signed by the investment fund of kazakhstan (a subsidiary of national mana ent holding baiterek) and kaveh gl industry group, an iranian gl manufacturer. kazakhstan's share in the project will be 49%, while the iranian company will have the controlling 51% stake. the project cost is estimated at $284 million. the funding will be provided by the shareholders and through a loan. the shareholders will provide 30% of the amount - about $85.2 million with the remaining 70% - $198.7 million - from loans. the construction of the new plant in the newly created industrial zone of kyzylorda is to begin in october 2014. commissioning is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017. the plant will pr. us officials said on friday (14 july) that the head of so-called islamic state of iraq and syria - khorasan province (isis-k), abu sayed, has been killed in a raid on the group's headquarters in kunar province, afghanistan. last year, the decision between galaxy s8 and s8+ was solely down to size. this year, however, samsung's flagships have more significant differences and the price difference between the two is larger. so, having been voted top flagships of the mwc as a couple, let's break it down and pick the best individual phone. the size is different, yes. the galaxy s9 has a 5.8" screen, the galaxy s9+ comes with a 6.2" display. both have 18.5:9 tall aspect ratio and no notches. the galaxy s9+ brings the series' first dual era. both 12mp sensors get ois, one lens is wide-angle, the other is... the next issue of wired, on newsstands may 27, has an interesting infog hic by lucia masud and brittany everett that looks at the top feeder colleges for seven big tech companies. the magazine gave me permission to reprint it below. the data are drawn from linkedin’s publicly available s of the most common college affiliations among each company’s employees. the numbers aren’t exact, but they should be a pretty decent —wired notes that about 95 percent of these companies’ employees have linkedin accounts. wired infog hic: top tech feeder schools the first takeaway, which wired notes in its own brief write-up, is that you don’t have to go to stanford or an ivy league school to get a job at a top tech company. in fact, the largest pipeline of all is between microsoft and the university of washington, a big state school. microsoft also welcomes large numbers of graduates from washington state, western washington university, and the university of waterloo. amazon is not on wired’s , but a quick check of linkedin shows that washington grads top the there too. ibm, meanwhile, draws heavily on indian universities, including bangalore university, visvesvaraya technological university, and the university of pune. want to work at apple? stanford’s a good bet, certainly—but so is san jose state, which lies just a few exits east of the apple pus off of interstate 280. granted, san jose state’s enrollment is nearly twice that of stanford, so the latter probably still gives you a better chance. but sjsu is certainly the more economical option if you’re just looking at the sheer number of alumni connections to cupertino. uc-berkeley, ut-austin, and cal poly-san luis obispo also appear to be apple favorites. yahoo taps both the bay area, via stanford and berkeley, and southern california via usc and ucla. interestingly, it’s the newer, faster-growing silicon valley internet companies that appear to depend most heavily on graduates of big-name engineering schools. google’s intimate ties to stanford are borne out by the data, with more googlers coming from the farm than any other institution. stanford is also the top feeder to facebook, and it ranks second among twitter employees on linkedin. uc-berkeley is right there with it in all three cases, ranking second for google and facebook and first for twitter. also noteworthy are the numbers for mit and carnegie mellon. despite enrollments a fraction of the size of the other universities on the , mit cracks the top five for google and twitter employees, while carnegie mellon makes the for google and *facebook. if the figures were recalibrated to control for enrollment size, they might rank even higher. as for the ivy league, not one of the ancient eight makes the for any of the tech companies under consideration. reference: ٍengland flag نهادهای مالی انگلستان، با سیل حملات سایبری رو به رشد سرقت اطلاعات روبرو هستند. به اعتقاد مقامات امنیتی انگلیسی، نهادهای بانکی، سامانه های بیمه ای، مؤسسات مالی و سازمان های تجاری در انگلیس، جزو بزرگ ترین اه برای رهای بین المللی هستند و سالانه، حملات گسترده ای به این نهادها صورت می پذیرد که ادامه مطلب the australian government has just banned huawei and zte from supplying equipment for the development of its 5g mobile network. the news e out of the blue while australia officials gave the same reasons as the usa - risks of foreign interference and ing. if you remember, the us did the same thing with the chinese firms (huawei and zte) a while ago. the government even prohibited the use of zte and huawei devices from us officials not long ago. huawei's australian arm responded with a tweet that this is a really bad decision by the australian government that will negatively...

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