eu says it will comply with wto decision on airbus state aid dispute

president h an rouhani on tuesday travelled to iran's western kermanshah province to inspect the damage and rescue operations in the regions hit by a deadly earthquake on sunday night, state tv reported. in a meeting held in jordan's amman, arab leaders agree to step up efforts to solve palestine-israel conflicts from a political angle, on the premise of safeguarding the freedom of rights to palestinians. اختصاصی از فایلکو پاو وینت تکنیک های مدل سازی با و پر سرعت .
 پاو وینت تکنیک های مدل سازی
 پاو وینت تکنیک های مدل سازی پاو وینت تکنیک های مدل سازیفرمت فایل: پاو وینتتعداد اسلاید: 36    قبل از پرداختن به مدل ها و مدل سازی ها بهتر است یک بار مفاهیم متدلوژی را مرور کنیم :متدلوژی ها  * رهنمون های جامعی هستند در جهت انجام و تکمیل تمام فعالیت های     sdlc (software development life cycle) .  * مجموعه ای از مدل ها ، ابزار و تکنیک ها هستند . مدل ها  models  * نمایش یک ”نمود“ مهم از دنیای واقعی ، نه مشابه اجسام واقعی .  * تجرید استفاده شده برای مجزا ، خارج از ”نمود“ .  * نمودارها و ج ها .  * برنامه ریزی پروژه و کمک در بودجه بندی . مدل سازی چیست ؟ یک مدل ، یک انتزاع یا تقریبی است که برای شبیه سازی واقعیات استفاده می شود . تمرکز مدل سازی روی این است که سیستم ، ”چه کاری“ انجام می دهد نه ”چگونه“ آن را انجام می دهد  .   سه قسمت مدل سازی عبارتند از :   - مدل سازی فرایندی  (dfd / activity diagrams) .   - مدل سازی داده ای (erd / cl diagrams) .   - مدل سازی رفتاری (state transition diagrams ‘std’ or statechart diagram ,   decision table , decision trees , pseudo code , structured   english ). 
پاو وینت تکنیک های مدل سازی
boeing bets big on flying taxis and pilotless planes by jon ostrower   @jonostrower october 5, 2017: 3:10 pm et dubai tests 18-rotor drone taxi dubai tests 18-rotor drone taxi boeing is betting big on automating its flying machines. the aerospace giant is buying aurora flight sciences, a maker of automated drones and aviation parts, in a bid to bring increased automation to airliners, military drones and even personal air taxis. "the combined strength and innovation of our teams will a nce the development of autonomy for our commercial and military systems," said greg hyslop, chief technology officer and senior vice president of boeing engineering, test & technology in a statement.
compare savings account rates smart aurora's products, which include long-endurance aircraft, robotic co-pilots and autonomous electric vertical takeoff aircraft, "will be transitioned into world-cl products for the global infrastructure," said john langford, aurora's founder and chief executive officer. an automated future the terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the acquisition is the clearest signal yet that the planet's largest plane maker sees automation as the future of aviation. "it's hard to predict where the future is going," said hyslop in a call with reporters thursday. "but i think we know where the vector is pointed and we want to be ready as the technology matures and take full a ntage of that in our products." the move significantly accelerates boeing's foray into autonomous technology. until now the company had focused on a few drone projects, and an autonomous submarine, but not commercial aviation technology. related: the u.s. will face a staggering shortage of pilots boeing in june said it would explore automation for commercial aircraft. the plans e in response to concerns that the industry would experience a shortage of pilots in the near future that would hamper the growth of world air travel. boeing estimates the industry will need 637,000 pilots over the next 20 years. "we're looking at what with the a nces in sensing technology, artificial intelligence and other areas around autonomous flight, what that can do to make an already safe airplane even safer," said hyslop today. related: pilotless planes could save airlines billions. but would anyone fly? acquiring the technology may be the easy part. convincing the public that autonomous aircraft are safe looks to be more difficult. only 17% of flyers said they would fly on a pilotless aircraft, according to a recent ubs study. your uber is a boeing the acquisition also gives boeing a seat at the table in the race to develop electric air taxis. aurora in april made the first flight of its own air-taxi prototype, the xv-24a, designed as part of uber's elevate program to add on-demand air taxis to its ride-sharing product. there have been a spate of concepts and demonstrations of electric flying air taxis, but few have earned the backing of the biggest aerospace companies who have the expertise and deep pockets to prove to regulators the technology works and is safe for the public. related: airbus offers a peek at its flying taxi but the large acquisition differs from its chief rival, europe's airbus, which has slowly cultivated new, small aircraft technology through its silicon valley unit, a3. the company is developing its own single-seat personal flying vehicle dubbed project vahana that is expected to fly later this year. an ai airliner the decision to acquire aurora comes just a week after boeing set up a formal office to develop plans for its next-generation p enger airliner, often dubbed the 797. such a jet would be the first all-new airplane to take a ntage of the company's on-going research into sensors and automated systems. boeing said there are no firm plans for the twin-aisle jet yet, but the office would "also serve as a vehicle to evolve how we design and build airplanes," the company said in a statement last week. related: world gets first peek at boeing '797' hyslop wouldn't say if aurora's technology would appear on the 797. he said boeing is going to "look for those areas where aurora can immediately provide an impact to our current programs." "i think the combined power and imagination of those two teams is really going to lead to some exciting changes that will affect not only our commercial products, but affect our defense products as well."
cnnmoney (seattle) first published october 5, 2017: 2:18 pm et the current supplier of g hics chips for iphones, imagination technologies, is fighting back against apple. the cupertino company previously announced that it would develop its own g hics solutions within two years. if that were to come true, apple wouldn't buy chips from imagination, and this perspective has tanked that company's shares recently. its stock price went down by more than half within a single day of apple's revelation, and has only lowered since. to be able to fight back, imagination is selling off two businesses, one which is focused on embedded processors, and another... iran’s islamic revolutionary guard corps (irgc) has announced that a member of the islamic state (is) who was seeking to organize a new series of attacks has been arrested in tehran province. the families of hundreds of civilians who were kidnapped by islamic state and held in its notorious jails have urged the military factions that ousted the group from raqqa, its de facto capital, to help them find their loved ones. اساسا در زبان فارسی مفهوم ت در سطوح مختلف معنایی به کار رفته است:الف) ت (state)در معنای «وسیع» به مفهوم نهاد نهادها، گسترده ترین کلیت مفهوم ت است. سایر نهادهای از آن ناشی شده و در قالب این مفهوم وسیع جاسازی می شوند.این جمله زیر نمونه ای از کاربرد ت دراین معنی است... the us secretary of state rex tillerson said that the blockade imposed by some gulf countries is unacceptable, calling for de-escalation in the current gulf crisis. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is planning a trip to africa in the first three months of next year, a senior aide said on wednesday, amid speculation how long tillerson might stay in the job. days after us president donald trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with iran, iranian foreign minister is about to start a diplomatic tour in order to save the deal with the remaining parties. this comes as the european countries express their desire to continue implementing the deal. a high-profile former vietnamese oil executive was sentenced to life in jail for embezzlement on monday, two weeks after was also imprisoned for life on similar charges in a separate case, state media reported. trump's state of the union address on tuesday was heavy on misleading claims and nationa vitriol, yet rather light on foreign-policy chat. what trump did discuss about global affairs, though, has already raised alarms. iraqi forces have pushed deeper into tal afar, seizing two districts from the islamic state group stronghold close to mosul. secretary of state mike pompeo met wednesday with un special envoy for syria staffan de mistura in washington. the governor of a province in north-eastern colombia has declared a state of emergency over fighting between rival rebel groups. حضور سران لشکری و کشوری در مراسم تشییع اهواز.در این مراسم حجت ال رحیمیان و مروی نمایندگان ی، اطلاعات، بهداشت، دفاع، دبیر مجمع تشخیص مصلحت نظام، آیت الله جزایری ولی وفقیه در خوزستان، استاندار خوزستان و جمعی دیگر از مسولان کشوری و لشکری حضور دارند.حضور سران لشکری و کشوری در مراسم تشییع اهوازحضور سران لشکری و کشوری در مراسم تشییع اهواز u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said on wednesday he would make a one-day visit to britain next week where he hoped to visit the new u.s. emb y.
«هیثر نوئرت» سخنگوی وزارت خارجه روز به احتمال حرکت ایران به سمت تقویت میزان غنی سازی…
جلسه سران قوای سه گانه با موضوع مسائل اقتصادی شب گذشته به مدت دو ساعت و نیم در حضور معظم… russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has warned u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson that potential new sanctions against north korea would be "dangerous." a new united nations report urges iraq's government to do more to help thousands of women and s who faced , ual abuse and other violations by the islamic state group. a number of recent positions taken by trump and his secretary of state, together with some media reports, have caused the general possible outlines of his iran policy to become clearer. the united states will "vigorously defend" itself in the international court of justice against iran's challenge to the re-imposition of sanctions, secretary of state mike pompeo said monday, according to afp. following the chaotic and upsetting images emanating from catalonia at the weekend, the region’s leader carles puigdemont appeared keen to avoid inflammatory language yesterday, insisting: “we don’t want a traumatic break... we want a new understanding with the spanish state.” the summit between us president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong-un has once again placed singapore, the city state that hosted their historic meeting, under international spotlight. the u.s. state department’s special representative for north korea policy, joseph yun, plans to retire on friday, just as signs are emerging that pyongyang may be willing to talk with washington. the chinese government is leveraging billions of dollars in debts to gain political leverage with developing countries across asia and the pacific, a new report presented to the us state department claims. the head of italy’s 5-star movement, luigi di maio, has raised the possibility of an attempt to impeach president sergio mattarella, a process that has been initiated three times in the past against italian heads of state but has never succeeded. jordan’s foreign minister and the european union’s foreign policy chief discussed jerusalem over the phone monday and agreed on the need to resolve the palestinian-israeli conflict on the basis of a two-state solution, anadolu reports. آن دسته از استراتژی های بازاری که هیچ احساسی را به ما منتقل نمی کنند خسته کننده و فراموش شدنی هستند؛ دو صفتی که ما هیچگاه نمی خواهیم در توصیف برندمان مورد استفاده قرار بگیرند. در مباحث بازاری ، اغلب برندها از آنچه فکر می کنید زیرک تر هستند. یک شرکت مدرن برای موفقیت خود تنها[ادامه مطلب] venezuelan authorities have freed a prominent opposition activist jailed for four years just days after an anti-government politician died in state custody. a taiwan rights activist who was secretly detained in china in march has been officially arrested on suspicion of subversion, charges taiwan said were vague and unconvincing. an alliance of u.s.-backed militias said it had begun a new phase of its paign against the islamic state-held city of raqqa on urday and aimed to complete its encirclement. a group of six people have been arrested by the afghan security forces before they manage to join the fighters of the islamic state of iraq and syria (isis) terrorist group. in case your landlord evicts anyone or efforts to evict anyone to get an unlawful reason, a phony reason, or zero reasons at all, anyone has the ability to document case regarding wrongful foreclosure. much foreclosure litigation that is inappropriate enables you to get damage but usually, won't recover tenancy. a landlord trying to evict anyone with no court-order is also included by an orange county employment attorney near me. the landlord does not have to try to bodily club anyone for this in the home to become regarded a wrongful foreclosure. alternatively, resources can turn off, alter the hair or burden anyone to be able to allow you to depart. these actions all are unlawful as you stay static in ownership of the home,
* decide when the landlord experienced an orange county emp. in barack obama’s landmark speech before the african union in july 2015 — the first by a sitting u.s. president — he told the embled heads of state and delegates that the united states was ready to be a development partner with the continent, while warning that would come along with american promotion of human rights, whether they liked it or not. trump ordered doubling of u.s. tariffs on imported aluminium and steel from turkey. the decision indicated the growing diplomatic spat with a nato ally. in his tweet, trump justified increasing tariffs to 50 per cent on steel and 20 per cent on aluminium imported from turkey by citing the decline in turkish currency. philippine soldiers have killed three more islamic state-linked militants on a resort island where they were hiding after a failed attempt to kidnap tourists, a military spokesman said on sunday. donald trump is taking a twin-track approach on one of his thorniest foreign policy issues, seesawing on his position on long-term peace between israelis and palestinians.