crude oil dips on signs of ample supply despite opec cuts iran sanctions

processor: (1) intel® xeon® processor e5645 (2.40 ghz, 12mb l3 cache, 80 watts, ddr3-1333, ht turbo 1/1/1/1/2/2) cache memory: 12mb (1 x 12mb) level 3 cache
memory: 6 gb (3 x 2 gb) pc3-10600r (ddr3-1333) registered dimms
network controller two hp nc382i dual port multifunction gigabit server adapter
storage controller: hp smart array p410i/256mb controller
hard drive: none ship standard
internal storage: 4 sff sas/ a hdd bays (with optional 4sff hdd upgrade)
optical drive : none ships standard
power supply: one 460w common slot gold plug power supply
pci-express slots: pcie 2.01-full-length, full-height and 1-low profile call: 021-33060177 dematel-modified anp to evaluate internal hospital supply chain performance
abstract previous measurement of hospital supply chain performance independently measure the performance groups of patient safety and hospital supply chain efficiency which include clinical care and supporting process efficiency. in fact, these three performance groups relate to one another. the interdependencies among performance groups should be investigated. moreover, it is necessary to examine which performance aspects included in each group is the most important for improvement. the importance of performance aspects can be determined by designated weights. the weights of performance aspects can help manager select which aspect needs improvement. the interdependencies inform hospital executives how to impr. iran’s revolutionary guard on friday unveiled its latest bal ic missile capable of reaching much of the middle east, including israel, while the country’s president vowed that tehran would press ahead with its missile program in defiance of u.s. demands to the contrary. we have a very good el** here with great facilities for your leisure time , el riding, desert walking, watching sun rising in desert, shooting, visiting the most ancient land in mideast. jieroft land of ancient secrets in south of iran jieroft in the south of iran is land of 7000 years secret .it is an unknown treasure .visit jieroft and be my guest with the best facilities contact with me enjoy in iran [email protected] +989132489370 iran's foreign ministry on urday condemned u.s. "interference" in the country's internal affairs. austrian energy company omv said wednesday it signed a memorandum of understanding with iran to discuss the country's rebounding energy sector. iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif and uk foreign secretary boris johnson held a meeting on urday as a part of johnson’s two-day visit to iran. vladimir putin has signed a controversial law partially decriminalising domestic violence, in a move hailed by russian conservatives but deplored by women’s rights paigners. after having positive talks with the high-ranking armenian officials in yerevan on tuesday, iranian foreign minister is set to visit italy and azerbaijan. the trips has been interpreted by the observers as a sign of iran’s desire to take a more active role at the international arena. از زمان آغاز به کار amb iran در سال 2016 تا کنون، این رویداد آ ین دستاوردهای حوزه ماشین ابزار، ابزار دقیق، اتوماسیون و سایر حوزه های مرتبط با ماشین کاری را به صنعتگران ایرانی معرفی کرده است. three years after the start of saudi arabia’s invasion to yemen, situation in the war-torn arab country is still far from becoming stable. meanwhile, the saudis and their allies are continuing to blame iran for the disaster they’ve made in yemen. iranian officials however have reacted to these claims. مجموعه: مکانهای تفریحی جهان

برخی از جاده های جهان به دلیل ویژگی خاص، یعنی شیب تند و همچنین پیچ های تند و پی در پی تصاویر هیجان انگیزی را بوجود آورده اند.

 همه ما در زندگی با جاده های پر پیچ و خم بسیاری مواجه هستیم که رانندگی در آنها به دلیل شیب های تند و تیز خطرناک احساس می شود.

از میان پیچ و خم ترین جاده ها در جهان می توان به تصاویر های زیر اشاره کرد.   پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان   پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان   پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان    پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان  پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان  پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان  پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان  پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان  پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان  پر پیچ و خم ترین جاده های جهان  

[ادامه مطلب را در اینجا بخوانید ...] telegram ceo pavel durov is facing criminal charges in iran due to the encrypted messaging application’s popularity with terrorists, child og hers and other criminal elements, tehran prosecutor abbas jafari dolatabadi has said. مسابقات ربوکاپ آزاد ایران iran open 2017 برگزار شد
مسابقات ربوکاپ آزاد ایران ۱۳۹۶ (iran open 2017) با حضور ۳۶۸ تیم داخلی و خارجی در تهران برگزار شد. venezuelan president nicolas maduro looked to the world of digital currency to circumvent u.s.-led financial sanctions, announcing on sunday the launch of the “petro” backed by oil reserves to shore up a collapsed economy. turkey said on monday it would suspend high-level diplomatic relations with the netherlands after dutch authorities prevented its ministers from speaking at rallies of expatriate turks, deepening the row between the two nato allies. حفاظ استیل ، حفاظ بانکی ، نرده استیل ، نرده آلومینیوم امروزه با توجه به اهمیت زیبایی و امنیت در ساختمان استفاده از متریال مناسب جهت این امر و توجه به کاربردها و کیفیت در ساخت حفاظ های ساختمانی گروه ساهان با تجربه یک ده کار و تولید خدمات ذیل را به هموطنان عزیز ارائه می دهد.گروه ی ساهان نخستین طراح و سازنده حفاظ های استیل در کاربردهای حفاظ پنجره استیل ، حفاظ تراس استیل ، حفاظ درب استیل،حفاظ استیل بانکی و نرده استیل ، نرده آلومینیوم. نرده آلومی. in an unprecedented move deemed by tehran as britain’s unseriousness in preserving the safety of iran’s diplomatic properties, a group of attackers managed to enter the building of iranian emb y in london, chanting slogans against the islamic republic. the invaders were later detained by the police. in a televised speech last night, israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu targeted iran with a set of claims regarding the 2015 nuclear deal. the move, however, appears not to affect anyone’s positions, as different parties note that there was nothing new in his so-called “documents”. as the operation is going on to liberate raqqa, the capital of self-declared isis caliphate in syria, washington shows signs of a new strategy in the war-torn country, based on more involvement on the ground. following heavy snowfall across iran, hundreds of schools in several provinces including tehran, alborz, zanjan, western azerbaijan, ardabil have remained closed for the second consecutive day. president h an rouhani on wednesday said iran is ready to discuss regional security issues with its arab neighbours as long as foreign powers are kept out of any potential talks. deputy hamas leader salah al-aruri stressed on urday that the group would never agree to sever its ties with iran and give up the armed struggle as prerequisites for talks with israel. governor of the central bank of iran (cbi) valiollah seif said the country’s cabinet members plan to approve a plan to replace the us dollar with euro in transactions with foreign countries. bahrain says talks between iran and persian gulf arab countries mediated by kuwait are to continue, hoping they would bring about positive results. iran rejected on sunday a call by french president emmanuel macron for talks on tehran’s bal ic missiles, saying they were defensive and unrelated to a nuclear agreement with world powers. head of the atomic energy organization of iran (aeoi) ali akbar salehi said the european commissioner for energy and climate has promised that euro would be used in bilateral trade between the islamic republic and the european union (eu). secretary of state mike pompeo is slated to outline the administration's new strategy toward iran on monday morning, weeks after president trump announced the u.s. would withdraw from the obama-era nuclear deal. iran’s navy has begun an annual drill near the strategic strait of hormuz, its first major exercise since the inauguration of u.s. president donald trump. turkish interior minister suleyman soylu will meet his iranian counterpart abdolreza rahmani fazli in iran on urday, according to the ministry. washington wants to make sure iaea has the funding necessary to carry out its nuclear inspections in iran. iran-russia axis of energy
by shuaib bahman

شعیب بهمن
the relations between iran and russia following the collapse of the union of soviet socia republics (ussr) could not be reviewed without taking into consideration the role of energy.

the effect of energy on the behavior of both iran and russia has been growing. the issue of energy has caused regional and international challenges for both countries. for example, energy deals which have been reached under us influence in recent years on energy transfer routes in the region are such that they would avoid the development of iran-russia ties in the energy sector inc. on friday disclosed iranian business ties that may have violated u.s. sanctions, warning that it may be penalized after a regulatory review of the activities. iran is implementing the deal on its nuclear program agreed with world powers, the head of the u.n. atomic energy watchdog said on tuesday, amid concerns the united states will try to alter the terms. iran on monday sent a delegation to saudi arabia to discuss regaining access to the annual pilgrimage to mecca for its citizens, iranian foreign ministry spokesperson bahram ghasemi said on monday. after visiting ankara to attend a trilateral meeting with his turkish and russian counterparts on syria, iran’s foreign minister mohammad javad zarif is in baku today to take part at nam’s ministerial meeting. in a speech there, the iranian top diplomat blamed the us and israel for the regional problems. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has accused iran of building precision-guided missiles in syria and lebanon for use against his country. tehran did not immediately comment on the allegations. just one day after a us president donald trump’s controversial speech, accusing iran to destabilizing the region and non-commitment to the spirit of the nuclear deal, the high-ranking officials of iran and p5+1 gathered together in new york to discuss the implementation of the nuclear deal. as the us president donald trump is being prepared to announce its decision on the iran nuclear deal, the western countries is increasing pressures on iran to contain its regional and defense activities. iranian officials are warning about these attempts, underlining the right to pursue independent path. russia has denied claims that un sanctions against north korea have been breached by russian tankers transferring fuel to the regime’s tankers at sea.